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dynax UC - Anti-Corrosion Wax 
dynax UC is a new high-performance anti-corrosion wax that provides a low film thickness see-through protective shield.

Its firm wax like film is rich in unique metal seeking corrosion inhibitors that stop existing and prevent new corrosion. dynax UC can be applied to bare metal or painted surfaces in fact anywhere where a discrete and powerful inhibitor is needed. 

dynax UC is completely safe to use on the vast majority of paint coatings and is ideal where dark coloured waxes or under seal would detract from the painted finish of vehicle bodywork or underside. The touch dry tough wax film provides mechanical protection to the protected surface too. 

dynax UC is the ideal product to provide high levels of protection during the winter months use on lower body panels, chassis, floors, sills, jacking points, chrome, suspension, fixings, wheel arch lips, alloy wheels plus its perfect for protecting motorcycles, alloys, aluminum, boats, mowers, machinery, tools and equipment too! 

dynax UC can be easily removed if required with simple solvent wipes or alkaline degreasers after the aggressive winter months pass or left in place for prolonged protection. The giant 750ml aerosols are equipped with a unique valve and cans charged to 70 psi they work on their side and even upside down. Long term protection in seconds.

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