Classic Saab 900 Ruby Restoration

1993 Saab 900 Turbo T16s Ruby.  Number 66 of 150 ever made.  2.0L Full pressure turbo (185 HP) with leather interior for sale:

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Undergoing restoration, will comprise of the following: 

  1. Full Service - oil, filter, air filter, plugs, distributor rotor and cap, ignition wires
  2. Removal of interior and check of floor pan for condition - repair as necessary.  Treat any rust with rust inhibitor/converter followed by coating to two pack epoxy
  3. Repair of holes in boot
  4. Drivers door replacement repair panels (Saab OEM)
  5. Passengers door replacement repair panels (Saab OEM) 
  6. Recolour leather & condition.  - leather is in good condition but is showing wear marks
  7. Repair of drivers seat cushion.
  8. New tyres 
  9. Front and rear shocks
  10. Dismantle front and rear suspension and replace all bushings. (Saab OEM)
  11. Sandblast and paint all suspension components front and rear
  12. Replace sagging headlining
  13. Treat any rusted areas with rust inhibitor/converter followed by coating of two pack epoxy
  14. Rust-proof car.
  15. Repair and Clean carpets
  16. Repair dash lights
  17. Repair rust on rear hatch
  18. remove windshield to repair rust at passengers side at winshield bottom
  19. Repair drivers and passangers door sills
  20. Remove engine an gearbox and vapour blast engine bay, prime and repaint
  21. Repair bonnet
  22. Replace drivers side wing (Saab OEM)
  23. Repair to drivers side inner wheel arch
  24. Full respray of car
  25. Refurbish alloy wheels
  26. Replace missing decals on rear hatch
  27. Replace mssing roof trim piece
  28. Replace bonnet emblem
  29. Repair front bumper mounting struts
  30. Replace turbo to oil cooler hoses
  31. New air conditioning condenser
  32. Convert air conditioning to R134a
  33. New air conditioning hoses
  34. New Radiator
  35. New upper and lower radiator hoses