1989 Classic Saab 900 Aero T16S restoration

This car arrived in poor condition displaying all the common rust spots that a classic Saab 900 could have. It is a very rare Saab 900 Aero T16s. A UK import to Ireland in 2008.  It was fitted with a replacement engine before arriving at Tow and Restore. The car needed extensive work:    CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

  • drive shaft tunnel repair (drivers side)
  • hatch back repair
  • boot repair left
  • boot repair right
  • boot patches
  • floor pan repair
  • shock strut repair
  • wheel arch repair
  • door repairs
  • drivers wing (font) repairs
  • passengers wing (front) repair
  • spare wheel well repair
  • sill repair
  • rear sill repair
  • battery tray repairs
  • rust proofing
  • bump stops
  • calipers
  • brake pads
  • shock absorbers
  • full service
  • new bumper inserts
  • new door cards
  • leather seat redye and condition
  • full valet

It was then painted (except for the roof) by Jarlath Ennis a master at his craft  www.jarlathennis.com.  Tha car has Saab 9000 front calipers and 16" Carlsson wheels , red  APC and Carlsson exhaust system.