1987 Saab 900 Aero FPT

1987 Saab 900 Aero, 3 door hatchback, FPT 175 HP, 5 speed manual, 184K miles. Edwardian Green, black leather interior.  This car needs a restoration.  Price for car as is is €1,500.00 (updated 26/04/17)







Replace fan belts, wiper blades, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter and gearbox oil €475.00
Install four new tyres €400.00 (Tyres are good but over 6 years old)
Replace anti rollbar bushings €100.00
Replace upper and lower ball joints (both sides €200.00)
Replace front and rear shock absorbers €325.00
Remover third party add-ons, fit origional air cleaner €150.00
Remove interior and rustproof car €375.00 (floor pan, inside cavities and doors.  Wheel arches and engine bay, remove aero panels and treat in behind them, treat underside of car)
Repair wheel arches €1,200.00
Repair drivers side door bottom €350.00
Repair passengers side door bottom €350.00
Repair bonnet €350.00
Repair boot area €300.00
Repair inner wheel wells in boot area left and right €500.00
Repair rear hatch window area €250.00
Install new outer passenger door window sweep €90.00
Install new outer drivers door window sweep €90.00
Install bluetooth radio and new speakers( front and rear) €375.00
Replace head lining €475.00
Replace bonnet badge €35.00
Add saab badges to boot and bonnet (all missing) €100.00
Repair drivers side bolster €125.00
Clean, redye and condition rear seat €200.00
Paint parcel tray and rear speaker trays €75.00
Clean carpets €50
supply and fit new bumper chrome inserts €150.00
Paint front bumper €175.00
Paint rear bumper €175.00
Paint aero panels €750.00
Install replacement automatic aerial €75.00
Refurbish wheels €400.00
Recover leather passengers seat bae €350.00
Recover leather drivers seat base €350.00
Respray car €2,500.00
NCT (Irish MOT) €100.00
Total for above €11965.00
There may be other items not included above, final restored price will depend on how much you want done to the car.  My goal is to provide you with a fully serviced, reliable, and usable daily driver classic Saab 900 that will last.